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​Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?

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CNN, Fox News, Circa, New York Times, USA Today and Headline News. Buzz Feed, Gawker, Alien Blue and The Onion when I need a good laugh. These are the websites, apps and television channels I spend hours a day watching and reading. 

When a big story hits I tend to become slightly obsessed. The troubles in the Ukraine hit close to home with that being the country my family originated from. I grew up with stories of not only the Holocaust but also of my family being attacked by the Bolsheviks as well. My grandmother witnessed my great grandfather get beheaded by a Russian soldier, and he was a simple farmer trying to protect his family consisting of his wife, 9 boys and 1 girl.

The pain and hardship my family had suffered in Ukraine lived on through my grandparents, parents and now they live inside me. To know the things done to my family breaks my heart. It's very difficult to overcome feelings of resentment and pain. I do not dwell on it and hate Germans and Russians. It's more that I feel completely sympathetic to what is going on in Ukraine.

When I hear that Ukraine has been invaded yet again, it's extremely disheartening. I have plans to go there and find long lost relatives and to know that they could be over there suffering right now is so painful. I also have a friend and her husband over there that I am fearful for. 

So these stories that touch me, I tend to talk about often and with anyone that will listen. Everyday, or sometimes every hour I will text them or tell them an update even though I know they don't really care too much.

Plane crashes are another thing I become devastated over. Seeing that I basically live in airports and on planes and also that I have overcome an insanely intense fear of flying this is a subject of great interest as well. To imagine the fear people feel as they know a plane is going to crash... Oh gosh. I got chills just typing that. I imagine, that is one of the worst ways to die. Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines is the newest of airline travesties.

Of course the person that gets the biggest earful of my updates is whomever I'm dating at the time. My current girlfriend has been getting more updates than she bargained for about the recent "disappearance" (if we're still calling it that) of flight MH370. It reached a point where we were lying in bed the other night and out of nowhere I leaned over to her and said, "So they discovered some oil over the water..." and she started to chuckle as she told me I needed to stop worrying about it so much and then said, "Ignorance is a bliss." As much as I agree with that, there are certain stories that touch my heart far too much and I can't seem to let go.

The tragedy that touched us all, Sandy Hook Elementary School kept me glued to the TV and websites for weeks. I remember bursting into a room and balling my eyes out to an ex, "One of the teachers hid all of the students and stood out in the open to make it appear their were no children in there and was shot to death!" That of course, was just one of many heroic and sad stories of the event. They all touched me deeply and I'm pretty sure I went through at least one full box of tissues.

Last story, I assure you. The one of the cop shooting a bystander's dog. Everyone has their own opinion on it but I personally would like to punch that cop in the face.

So, the news can make people feel worried, sad, angry (see punching face reference above) and anxious but would it really be better to just not know? If you think it's important to know, tell me why in the comments section below. Also share with me your favorite news sources and the stories that have touched you the most. And of course, the last question... Is ignorance truly bliss?

Looking forward to reading your responses to this post in general and also how you feel on these matters.

Here is the dog link to, I'll let you be the judge:

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Bree Olson

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