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It's a Man's Plane

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I'm a very blessed/cursed individual to have a job that requires extensive travel. I get to see so much and really observe society. I'm writing this on a flight now and I am seated in the first class cabin. As I look around the cabin, then look again more thoroughly to ensure that I'm not wrong, I notice that there are no women in first class, only men. Sure, there were a decent number of women that I saw shuffle through to the economy cabin upon boarding but they were the "vacationer types". Now, of course there are the exceptions. I've seen some serious business women holding their own on flights or around the airports working diligently on their spreadsheets while scolding their assistants on their iPhone. I will say though, that they are very few and far between. 

This leaves me to wonder; Are things really not as equality driven in the workforce as they claim to be? Are these all men in their button downs and slacks, simply because most women don't find travel jobs as attractive? Lastly, are women still putting family first, and work second? I think it is a combination of all the above.

With there being more women in the world than men, you'd never know it at the airport. If I had to guess the percentage of frequent fliers that are men to women I'd say it's 85 vs 15 percent. Then if we were to look at travel over all of course it would even out more with the vacationers etc but because of that male dominance that is flying I'd say it still puts travelers at a 60 vs 40 percentage and I wouldn't be surprised if those numbers were even farther apart than my prediction.

If you know of any great sites that have the statistics on this, please feel free to leave a link in the comments below along with your thoughts and feeling on this.

Side note: This is a "Breescription" of the women "vacationer types" listed above: Baby strapped to chest or on hip, any brightly oversized pull over sweatshirt, the sweet old lady traveling to see her grand kids, the women that are Vegas bound. I mean, I could go on but this list is bound to get cruel and sexist against my own kind so I won't. Get it girls!

Side note number 2: Only in Atlanta airport will you hear Drake replaced by that outdated jazz music played at all other US airports.

OBVIOUSLY, I'm dressed for business...

- Bree Olson

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