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My Thoughts on Interracial Porn

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When I first got into the industry I was handed a sheet of paper that had a checklist of the sexual acts. I was instructed to put a check next to each act that I was comfortable partaking in. The checklist went something like this:









Double Penetration

Double Anal

Double Vaginal





The list goes on, but does anyone notice anything that is off (besides the ability for a woman to be able to fit multiple penis’s in her orifices or that the industry refers to scenes as boy and girl and not man and woman)? There is something that really stood out to me. “Interracial”. I asked my agent as I filled out this form, “What does this mean by ‘interracial’?” He responded, “Oh, like, will you have sex with a black guy.” I asked if it applied to any other race and he said no.

Now, some would think that a woman that grew up in the smallest town in Indiana without even a stoplight, surrounded by cornfields and that knew ZERO black people because they did not exist where she was from, would be hesitant to agree to this. Some might also think that because she had never dated a black man let alone had sex with one might make her think twice about doing it on film.

All of that thinking above is actually very far from the truth. My thoughts ran more along the lines of, “Wow. This is extremely racist.” This is just my own opinion though. I think that of course, a woman has a right to chose who she has sex with but should the porn industry just hand a list over that basically says, “What sexual acts are you comfortable with anyone in the world seeing for the rest of your life, including you having sex with a black man?” Never mind the Hispanics, the Asians or anyone else, the industry only classifies interracial sex as literally “black and white”.

I of course checked on my list that I was absolutely okay with having sex with a black person. I could not picture myself saying, “Oh, no thank you, I’m not interested in that gig because of the other person’s ethnicity.”

I still see a substantial amount of hate on my social media to this day of my partaking’s with black men during my time in porn. My response to that is, “Why would I want a fan like that anyways? If you can’t see a race as equal human beings you are far below anything I’d like to associate with.”

I can honestly say that my most uncomfortable time in the industry is when directors of a scene would ask me to say things like “Shove that ****** dick inside me baby” or even something a bit tamed down like, “I love your big black dick”. Even the male talent would tell me it’s okay and just to say it but I finally had to say that I was just absolutely not comfortable saying the N word and if they wanted to hire a different woman that would, they were more than welcome to do so.

*Once again, this is in no reflection of the women in the industry that do not do interracial porn, that is a personal choice that is absolutely acceptable. My grievances lay on the industry itself and how it presents this. I am sure I don’t stand alone on this issue.

Thoughts, comments and links to support my issue are welcome below. 

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