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What Ever Happened to That Starbucks Barista?

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Many of you remember a time when my social feed was sprinkled with thoughts of a girl I had a major crush. It had reached a level of heartthrob that I couldn't help but to post about her whenever I went in for my morning brew and she was there.

This continued for months, with all of you egging me on to say something of course, but I was far too shy and never did.

Many of you also took note that one day I just never brought her up again. The infamous Starbucks girl had disappeared from my social status updates just as quickly as she had popped up months prior.

There is not a day that goes by on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ without someone inquiring about her. Now, let's say I had never worked up the courage to approach her and everything diminished... these reminders you guys give me would be very sad! Luckily for me, this is not the case.

As much as I would like to profess my love for her to the world (I guess I just did!), I don't post about us to protect her privacy, as well as ours as a couple.

Well. Now you know! Oh, and that love at first sight thing? It really does exist... 

Bree Olson

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